Hypnotherapy Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week

In this section I would like to give - yes give!! a helpful tip, which you can utilise to help you in your day-to-day life.

Have you had a bad experience and don’t want it to completely affect the rest of your day or week?
When things go wrong it can be easy for that single occurrence to make you feel down, powerless and even incompetent. In fact, if it’s bad enough it can make you feel so horrible that it’s difficult to carry out even day to day tasks.
Use Positive Mental Energy to get you back on Top
Take back control by following these simple Tips for Immediate relief and focus:
1. Meditate
Whether you are having a bad time, or not, meditation is a simple and effective way to calm your mind and give it clarity.  Allow yourself to enjoy a few minutes of relaxing meditation to combat the blues and prepare yourself with a Positive Mental Energy to face your next challenge
• One of my favourite, easy, meditation methods is taking deep, intense breaths with your eyes closed.  Imagine forcing out bad thoughts and “mind clutter” with each exhalation, breathing in peace and calm with each Inhalation.  Within just a few minutes your mind will become calm and you’ll feel renewed and rejuvenated.
• If you can allow yourself the indulgence (and why shouldn’t you??), fill your tub with warm water, add a few drops of lavender, and simply allow yourself to relax as you soak away your worries in the peacefulness of your bath.

If you liked this tip, I will be adding a new one each week. Please tell your friends about it - spread the love around....

Keep smiling,